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No Excuses No Limits

No Excuses No Limits is a global movement created by Lazylegz and the ILL-Abilities™ Crew. Together they hope to empower individuals to live life with limitless possibilities using the "No Excuses, No Limits" mindset. 

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No Excuses No Limits signifies that anything in life can be possible as long as one takes the time to adapt and learn to do things in their own way. If or when there are challenges or a difficulties there can always be a way around them (if one choses to use the No Excuses, No Limits mindset). When individuals stop themselves from trying or decide to give up too soon, limitations and barriers appear, but when time is taken to discover, true potential is uncovered by doing things in one's own unique way, despite their ways being different, that's when one discovers there are no limits to what one can accomplish. 

This movement has been created to spread positive thinking, build understanding amongst differences, and create more inclusive environments using a humanistic approach by offering various performances, workshops, events, merchandise, and public appearances from Lazylegz and members of the ILL-Abilities crew.  

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